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A Transfer Certificate issued by the Internal Revenue Service will be required by the financial institutions (or title company if the asset is real estate) for the estate of a non-resident, non-U.S. citizen and foreign Executor. The process to obtain this Transfer Certificate is long and expensive.

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A transfer certificate will be issued by the Service when satisfied that the tax imposed upon the estate, if any, has been fully discharged or provided for. The tax will be considered fully discharged for purposes of the issuance of a transfer certificate when investigation has been completed and payment of the tax, including any deficiency finally determined, has been made.

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The Transfer Certificate issued by the IRS represents evidence that the decedent’s estate has met its U.S. federal estate tax liability. Pershing is requiring this document even in cases where the assets are not subject to US taxes, for example, non-US securities and cash.

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Information about Online NTTCs. Electronic NTTCs. If you are a buyer or lessee with a valid New Mexico CRS identification number, you can obtain, execute, print and view New Mexico nontaxable transaction certificates (NTTCs) through Taxpayer Access Point.. You do not have to print a copy of an NTTC that you manage electronically because the electronic record of that execution is also our.

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