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Driving to and from work can seem like a job in and of itself. To combat the region’s increasing volume of single occupancy vehicles, the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) created the Commute Solutions Program in 1994. Commute Solutions is here to help you rethink the way you get to work and is a "one-stop" resource to assist.

Family Services of Greater Houston (713-861-4849) administers the Ways to Work program, which provides low interest automobile loans to people who need a car for their job. It can also be used for job interviews. Program participants can qualify for a low-interest car loan that can be applied towards buying a new or used car.

A Pathway to a New Life. Over 75% of our clients see their lives improve and become more financially independent after completing the program. More than just a car loan program, Ways to work includes financial education and support to working families with challenging credit histories. clients who participate are better positioned to move up in.

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Car loan program giving some families second chance. Now Family Services of Greater Houston is expanding the Ways to Work program. "We are looking for hard-working individuals that cannot get a loan from a bank or a credit union and that need a way to work," said Deidre Johnson with Family Services of Greater Houston.

Day at Work: Software Engineer Then Castro heard about the Ways to Work car loan program. "In Houston, a vehicle is not a want; it is a need," she said. For the last two years, Family Services of Greater Houston has been.

United Way of Houston partners with agencies and lenders in Houston as part of the Ways to Work low interest rare car loan program. The intake number is 713-861-4849. Vehicles for Change covers Northern Virginia, Baltimore City and Carroll County in Maryland, and is growing across the entire state of Maryland.